"Each city has its history, its clichés and its reasons why people want to live there. New York has attracted people from everywhere for decades to explore or to find ones new home there. But each cliché also has its time and there comes always a time for a new generation to take over and write new chapters. Marco Hernandez, a New York based photographer sums up pretty well in words the way he feels about today´s New York and accentuates this with raw, analogue images to give a foretaste of what stories will be told of our times".
- C Heads Magazine
"Like the best documentary photography, Marco Hernandez’s shots don’t require you to think deep to “understand” them, yet the more you look, the more they reveal and the more you end up feeling. His photos give an authentic sense of lives being lived, largely because his subject matter comes from what catches his eye as he skates. A fascination with his city comes through in all of Marco’s photographs as they are instantly recognisable as snapshots of New York. His perspective is unmistakably through the eyes of a skater, from the vantage point that only a piece of Canadian maple can provide".
Huck Magazine
"A native of Staten Island, home to one of the world's largest landfills, Marco shoots photos both on and off the island: pics of skateboarders, bums, dead animals, girls, and anything else that catches his 21 years old eyes. Did I mention he also likes the Gonz, listens to Morrissey, and does hip skate tricks at Tompkins Square Park? Well, he does. He's cool and talented as hell, and this week, I was lucky enough to see his sick photos and talk to him about how he became a photographer and why he loves fellow Staten Island natives the Wu-Tang Clan". 
- Vice Magazine